Our Quality Control Manuals have been registered and accepted by the provincial authorities of Alberta and British Columbia. Since, July 21, 2005, Parkland Pipelines QC Program has been accepted and registered in the province of Saskatchewan. As such, they are the “Legal Documents,” which act as our license to construct pressure piping to ASME B31.3 and CSA B51 codes for projects, in whole or in part, under the jurisdiction of the provincial authorities of these provinces (more commonly referred to as “The Boilers Branch”), within the parameters as set out in the manual.

Our QC manual is applicable to both “Pipeline” and “Facility” construction, thereby ensuring a superior finished product.

In the case of CSA Z662 engineered projects, our manual, serves as a guide, only as clients may want various other records unique to their varied projects. Our QA/QC program will, however, provide our clients with a picture of Parkland’s capabilities and understanding of the industry.

We at Parkland, recognize and appreciate how our commitment to Quality Control has a direct influence on the success of our company in the oil & gas industry.

The Quality Control Manual outlines the procedures that will be used by Parkland Pipeline to construct, repair/alter pressure piping and oil and gas transmission pipelines in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan; and to also repair/alter pressure vessels associated with the oil, gas, petroleum and chemical industries in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

All construction is performed in accordance with the current applicable codes and standards (ASME B31.3, CSA B51 and CSA Z662) and the provincial regulations.

The certificate of authorization, as issued by the Provincial Authorities, authorizes Parkland Pipeline to Construct, Repair/Alter and Erect ASME B31.3 pressure piping and to Repair/Alter ASME Section VIII Div. I Pressure Vessels.

Parkland Pipeline acknowledges that provincial authorities may revoke the certificate of authorization at any time should Parkland Pipeline fail to meet the provisions of the “Safety Codes Act”.

The “Statement of Authority,” as it appears in our manual, provides that Parkland will meet the provisions of the “Safety Codes Act” in the performance of its ASME construction activities in the provinces in which we are licensed.