Parkland utilizes three levels of subcontractor management:

  1. Entry or employee level – this level is where most single person entities (i.e. sub-contract welders and equipment operators) work under. The requirements for this level are that they hold a valid WCB account number and appropriate commercial and vehicle liability insurance. All employee orientation and training requirements are adhered to and these personnel are fully engaged under Parklands safety system.
  2. For smaller sub-contract service providers who have not signed up with a data management service (such as ISN, ComplyWorks, etc.), Parkland has a pre-qualification package which they are required to submit for review. This information is reviewed in house (by Manager HSE) and upon approval they are permitted to work on project locations. Go to Vendors – click on the pre-qualification link – submit all requested information and answer all questions within the pre-qual.
  3. Parkland, as a member of ComplyWorks, has a sub-contract data base which companies with comprehensive safety programs are managed under. Parkland established a set of criteria in conjunction with ComplyWorks and has access to over 140 subcontractors who have allowed Parkland to view their safety information. There are three levels of approval within this process – 1) approved 2) Caution 3) Needs approval. Companies under this heading would have their information reviewed outside of the criteria established for ComplyWorks and a determination would be made by senior management to determine suitability for work on a project. Necessary controls would be enforced at this level of entry.

For responses 2 & 3 and after review of this information, HSE will ask for further proof of due diligence from the sub-contractor by requesting copies of hazard assessments, JSA, Ground Disturbance practice (if appropriate to sub), and any other information that may be relevant to their scope of work. After this review is completed and corrected, if necessary, subs are approved to work on Parkland projects.

Subcontractors hired to perform services for Parkland Pipeline Contractors will require the following data be submitted to Parkland ahead of mobilization.

  • HSE Manual
  • Safe Work Procedures
  • Job Hazard Assessments
  • COR Certificate (if they have one)
  • 3 years of incident stats
  • Proof of insurance (2MM liability and auto minimum)
  • Clearance letter from WCB
  • Copies of training tickets for the workers they will be sending to site

Confirming they have the correct GD ticket here is paramount

Prequalification Form