Policy and Commitment

Parkland Pipeline has a commitment to achieving a strong working relationship with the Indigenous communities. In doing so, we strive to foster a sense of mutual trust and respect.

Parkland’s Indigenous Participation Plan was developed to provide employees, the Indigenous communities, contractors and business leaders with an understanding of our commitment to Indigenous relations and our strategy for delivering on this commitment.

Parkland created this Policy based on our dedication to ensuring that our relationship with these communities is carried out with the same level of commitment that we apply to all of our business activities.

Parkland Pipeline takes great pride in our reputation as a highly principled business operator and contributor to Indigenous communities. In pursuing our commitment, we will be guided by the following principles:

  • Respect the unique culture and history of Indigenous people and their spiritual attachments to the land on which we operate.
  • Encourage Indigenous students to graduate high school and continue post-secondary education. While showing an understanding of their aspirations, we will support the development of specified training programs that will enable these students to meet Parkland’s employment requirements.
  • Ensure equal access to employment with Parkland we will encourage these opportunities for Indigenous people to work as or for the suppliers and contractors. Parkland values the diversity that they bring to our company as employees, contractors and consultants.
  • Parkland strives to join forces with contractors and other companies that share our principles and commitments, goals and strategic focus, encouraging them to meet or exceed them through policies and practices of their own.
  • Create and maintain a positive work environment for all employees working with Parkland, operating in a consultative and consistent manner through all stages of project development.
  • Provide Parkland management and staff with an understanding of the cultural diversity of Indigenous people.
  • Provide involvement in Indigenous community activities and programs that reflect our overall vision.
  • Create business opportunities to utilize local Indigenous contractor’s capabilities, and continue these relationships with trust and respect.
  • Conduct our business in a legal, ethical, safe and cost-effective manner.


Strategy and Employment Partnership

Our commitment to Indigenous opportunities is fundamental at Parkland.  Establishing a strategy requires genuine commitment by everyone at every level for the program to be successful.

Parkland has participated in Indigenous job training seminars. This training helped us to develop policies, hiring strategies and also gaining stride in building our workforce. Parkland Management is committed to working diligently with Communities in which we work.  Our goal is to employ as many local Indigenous, Inuit or Métis subcontractors, equipment operators, services and personnel where practical. We feel this industry carries a leadership role and we will utilize our Liaison to communicate this. There is mutual trust and understanding with similar values and lifestyle. Our Liaison at Parkland is from the Nlaka’pamux First Nation.

We aim to be realistic, flexible and creative in carrying out our pro-active strategies. Short and long term goals are determined for an all-encompassing program. A skilled workforce is key to our company prosperity. As well, Indigenous inclusion as a priority, will give us greater success.

Skills development is targeted on projects designed to meet labour requirements on specific projects. These can range from pre-job training to job ready basic skills. Indigenous youth accounts for the fastest growing segment of Canada’s population and as such we aim to tap this resource. As well, sustainable employment close to their communities, even in remote northern locations has never been greater.  Help with short term transportation issues, securing a placement, protective clothing, or just an ear to listen too. We have a proven track record in delivering employment opportunities for Indigenous people.

Being a member of NAABA (Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association), we are able to work together to create an environment for the betterment of All People in the Region. Parkland currently lists more than 165 businesses in our directory including Indigenous Communities.  We strive to engage and build relationships with these communities and Corporate Canada.  Creating a strong network that enables seamless success in employment for people across the region.


Strategic Hiring Plan

Parkland’s strategic plan for recruitment, hiring and retaining of Indigenous, Inuit and Metis individuals is as follows.

Connecting with the Communities, Friendship Centres, Aboriginal Business Associations and Metis Nations in and around where we will be working. Job postings given to display and distribute to members that include job description & requirements, scope of work and duration.

All resumes are a reviewed for qualifications and calls are made regarding availability. When hired, safety orientation is provided on the job upon arrival. As with all Parkland employees, there are opportunities to advance to other positions dependent on qualifications and availability.

Indigenous, Metis and Inuit employees that self-identify are noted.